Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ottawa Big Backyard and Garden Show

This is my single biggest marketing investment ever! I moved into my 30-foot booth this evening and will go in tomorrow to finish the set up. They expect 12,000 visitors over the course of the show and it is massive!

If you are ever considering taking part in a trade show at the CE Center in Ottawa all I can say at this point in time is move-in is a breeze. I have taken part in trade shows during my time in a different industry, and the friends helping me set up were from the high-tech sector - they have world-class trade shows in that industry. Everybody agreed that the CE Center was by far the easiest venue that they have ever moved into. The building was designed from the ground up to be the absolute most efficient trade show facility ever! I will blog about the show throughout my time in it but I have to say that we are off to a great start!

Kudos for Caneast Shows and the CECenter for a well-organized efficient move-in!

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