Sunday, April 29, 2012

Product Videos

My husband insists that people today expect to get answers to all of their questions instantly online.  My blog needs to have regular meaningful entries, my Twitter account needs to be kept up, my Facebook account needs regular fresh content, my web site needs to provide as much information as possible, and now he has me making product videos.

Words cannot describe how far out of my comfort zone I get when making product videos.  I am proud of my work but Vince of Sham-Wow fame I am not (not that I have a problem with Vince - wish I had his chutzpah when making videos) .  At the end of the day I can understand how far people like to go with research when making a big purchase, I do too.  If somebody is buying a $400+ outdoor chair, or a $2000+ patio set they should be able to see who is making it, what they are making it with, when and where they make it, and how they make it.  For this reason I have started my video series.

Unlike Vince I use a very humble Canon HD camcorder, inexpensive wireless audio, a cheap tri-pod, and for lighting I simply move everything out to my flatbed trailer and use sunlight.  The first few videos will be about how I make my bowed-arm Morris Chair - I am actually positing "The Making of the Bowed Arm" video as I type this blog - check out my Ottawa Cedar Furniture Youtube site.  The goal of the video series is very simple, a person buying the chair can see how it is made and make an informed decision about their purchase.

In addition to the Morris chair series, I will be making one about my English garden furniture, my patio set, and my Adirondack Chair.

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